Am I Ready to Parent?

This question is asked by every new parent, planned or unplanned. You are not alone in your new pregnancy journey, and you don’t have to walk this road alone either. Whether you are still questioning your capability of raising a child or you are worried about finances or life circumstances, you may be surprised at the number of free resources available to you as a new mom.

We at Pathways Pregnancy Resource Center offer no-cost and confidential pregnancy services, material support, and a safe place to talk and receive advice.

Considering Parenting?

If you’re considering parenting, you should know that it’s a rewarding yet challenging journey. It’s important to ask yourself some questions before making a final decision.

  • Do I have support from family, friends, or my partner?
  • How will I support a child financially?
  • Will this affect my job and education?
  • What resources are available to help me raise my child?

Know that help is available if you are looking to parent. With the right support and resources, you can thrive as a new mother. It’s not impossible.

Have More Questions?

We know you probably have lots of questions coming to your mind about this option. Like you may have heard, raising a child takes a village! Give yourself time and grace when it comes to learning all things parenting. You’ve never considered or done this before. Don’t hesitate to contact us about all your parenting questions and concerns. Our team is here to answer them and offer our care and support.

Schedule your no-cost and confidential appointment with us to learn more.

Difficult Pathways often lead to Beautiful Destinations.