It’s Your Choice

What you do next with your pregnancy is ultimately up to you. We want to empower women to make an informed decision by knowing all their options and the process of each. Understand your options so you can take your next step in your pregnancy journey today. You are not alone!


The Option of Abortion Maybe you’ve struggled with the news that you’re pregnant. An unplanned pregnancy is overwhelming, a moment that can trigger fear and confusion about what to do next. If you’re exploring the option of abortion, we want to inform you about what abortion is and the risks involved. Every woman should know...

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The Adoption Option Are you wondering how you can raise a child, barely able to take care of yourself? Adoption could be a great fit for you and your child. It gives you a chance as a birth mom to put your child in the care of a loving family, waiting to adopt. It also...

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Am I Ready to Parent? This question is asked by every new parent, planned or unplanned. You are not alone in your new pregnancy journey, and you don’t have to walk this road alone either. Whether you are still questioning your capability of raising a child or you are worried about finances or life circumstances,...

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Difficult Pathways often lead to Beautiful Destinations.